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Total Salvation Bundle
Total Salvation Bundle
List Price: $32.00
Your Price: $32.00
Sale Price: $25.60
Savings: $6.40

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End-Time Ministry Package
End-Time Ministry Package
List Price: $94.00
Your Price: $65.00
Sale Price: $65.00
Savings: $29.00

The End-Time Ministry package includes the following:

Spiritual Warfare by Derek Prince

Describes how to disarm the enemy and administer the victory of Jesus! Your mind is a spiritual battlefield,but thanks be to God, you can learn the enemy’s strategies, stand up against his schemes, and emerge victorious! Book is divided into three parts: Part I. The Nature Of The War; Part II. Our Defensive Armor; Part III. Weapons of Attack

Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare by Tom Brown

Describes the power to engage and defeat Demonic Forces. This book is divided into three parts: Part I. The Devil; Part II. Demons and Deliverance; art III. Spiritual Warfare. Here are the titles of just some of the chapters (16) information this book covers: The Villain’s Plot, Satan Is Disarmed, How to Cast Out Demons, Can Christians Have Demons?, Open Doors for Demons, How to Overcome the Flesh, Seven Ways Christians Give Ground to Satan.

Scared Straight by Mona Thomas-Green

This book describes the God given dreams and visions that added the author in her deliverance from sexual perversion. The Bible declares that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. These visions/dreams was so self-explanatory that mirrored the Word of God in picture form that gave the author all the help she needed to cast down every imagination that exalted itself against the knowledge of God. These visions/dreams can aid anyone with any stronghold to become more than a conqueror through Christ that loved us.

Divine Revelation of Deliverance by Mary K. Baxter with George Bloomer

This book describes how you can be victorious in Spiritual Warfare! This book was 10 power packed chapters that will aid its reader to walk in victory on daily basis. Chapters covered: Attacked by the Gates of Hell, Demonic Deception, Whom Will You Serve?, Guarding Your Confession of Faith, recognizing and Counteracting Demonic Tactics, Deliverance from Our Fleshly Nature, Deliverance through Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance through Prayer, Deliverance through the Word, and Jesus, Our Deliverer.

He Came To Set Captives Free by Rebecca Brown

This book is a national best seller. Elaine, one of the top witches in the U.S. for seventeen years, served her master, Satan with total commitment. Then she met Dr. Rebecca Brown, who served her master, Jesus Christ, with equal commitment. As fate should have it these women clashed as Dr. Brown stood against her alone in a titanic life-and death struggle that followed. Dr. Brown nearly lost her life, Elaine, finding a power and love greater than anything satan could give her, left satan and totally committed her life to Jesus Christ. This book is an honest, in-depth account of satan’s activities today. You’ll see how to: Recognize and combat the many satanists who regularly infiltrate and destroy Christian churches. Recognize and combat satanic attacks. Recognize those serving Satan and bring them to Christ.

Breaking Controlling Powers by Robert Liardon

This book is three books in one revealing how to be victorious over Spiritual attacks. If you are serious about your spiritual growth, this three-in-one look will give you the spiritual weaponry you need to fight the good fight of faith! Book I. Breaking Controlling Power: will help you to identify and combat the strategies of manipulation that people, under the enemy’s power, use to keep you from following God and accomplishing His will. Book II. Learning to Say No without Feeling Guilty: will help you to say no to those things that distract and prevent you from saying YES to God. Book III. How to Survive an Attack: will help you to identify those crucial moments before the enemy springs another one of his surprise assaults.

Breaking Curses Experiencing Healing by Tom Brown

Many Christians wonder why they cannot overcome sins and temptations or why they experience recurring problems in their health, finances, or relationships. Breaking Curses, Experiencing Healing exposes these life-destroying schemes from unseen but powerful spiritual enemies. Seen by millions on ABC’s 20/20, MSNBC, the History Channel, and the BBC, Tom Brown shows the relationship between spiritual deliverance and healing. Learn how to receive divine protection and use the spiritual weapons that are rightfully yours so you can: Identify the causes of curses, take back what satan has stolen, break free from generational curses, release God’s blessings and favor and experience miracles in your life. Defeat the spiritual attacks in your life, and help bring complete healing to yourself and others today!

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Great Commission Package
Great Commission Package
List Price: $80.00
Your Price: $68.00
Savings: $12.00

The Great Commission Package includes:
  • PAW's Manual For Global Evangelism
  • Doctrine of True Salvation
  • Apostolic Way 2013-2014 Annual Sunday School Commentary
  • Return of the Lord Jesus
  • Unlocking "The Favor of God" Upon You Life
  • Heaven or Hell
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Mind Body & Soul Package
Mind Body & Soul Package
List Price: $260.00
Your Price: $189.00
Savings: $71.00

The Mind, Body, & Soul Package includes:

  • Anxious for Nothing by John MacArthur
  • Don't Quit in the Pit by Danette Crawford
  • Gateway to God's Blessing by Derek Prince
  • Stop Waiting...Start Winning by Dr. Teresa Hairston
  • The Attitude of Faith by Andrew Damazio
  • The Bible Cure for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia by Don Colbert M.D.
  • The New Bible Cure for Depression & Anxiety by Don Colbert M.D.
  • Battlefield of the mind by Joyce Meyer
  • Face Down by Barbara Scott Golder
  • God's Medicine Bottle by Derek Prince
  • The Millionaire Map by Jim Stovall
  • The Bible Cure for Colds, Flu and Sinus Infections by Don Colbert M.D.
  • The New Bible Cure for Heart Disease by Don Colbert M.D.
  • Blood Works by Bishop Horace E. Smith, M.D.
  • Fast Your Way to Health by Lee Bueno
  • Healing the Whole Man Handbook by Joan Hunter
  • The 40 Day Soul Fast by Cindy Trimm
  • The Bible Cure for Allergies by Don Colbert M.D.
  • The Bible Cure for Headaches by Don Colbert M.D.
  • What You Say is What You Get! by Don Gossett
  • Smith Wigglesworth on Faith
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