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What We Believe Pamphlet
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E-BOOK Fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith
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Birth of the Spirit
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Fundamentals of the Apostolic Faith
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Early Pentecostal Revival
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Tales From Kabekona
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Scriptural View of the Christian Pastorate
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25 Traits of Great Bible Teachers (Soft cover)
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In The 25 Traits of Great Bible Teachers, Dr. McNeese asserts that whether born or made, great Bible teachers are given! The Bible says that Jesus Christ gave teachers, and he gave them for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Every good Bible teacher has a "great" Bible teacher inside him waiting to be set free. The 25 Traits of Great Bible Teachers is for those who would like to unleash the greatness endued upon them by Jesus Christ.
God Is In the Details
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You know how people say that the Devil is in the details? Learn how God is in the details through this inspiring book that kicks the Devil out and gives God full reign in the details of planning your church or religious group event. Learn how to:
  • Seek God for direction from the initial idea through the big day.
  • Cultivate positive relationships, even those who may be difficult or disgruntled.
  • Develop a proven planning time line that will keep you on track, no matter when you start the process.
  • Keep the event "fresh," even if it's the umpteenth event anniversary.
  • Kick the Devil out and give him no foothold in the planning process.
Scared Straight
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Scared Straight, is not just a book of God given dreams/visions against the sin of homosexuality and lesbianism, which the author suffered, but all sins of the flesh . These sins need to be mortified because all things that pertains to life and living must feed to exist. The author was given the vision/dream of the spirit of corruption that is feeding on its unaware host that is now working in the children of disobedience according to Ephesians 2:2. The author shows how the responsibility of mortifying one's own flesh, defeating one's own strongholds in obedience's to God & His Word, and finding victory will become an easier task.